Intro to python

  • Welcome to this course!

  • Overview of the course curriculum

  • Python coding environment

  • Writing first code("hello world")

  • Python Comments

  • Variables and printing

  • Numbers in Python(adding, subtracting dividing, multiplication, exponents... etc.

  • Python casting

  • Python data types

  • Python Strings

  • User input in Python

  • Booleans and Comparisons

  • Lists in python(including list methods)

  • Tuples in Python

  • Sets in Python

  • Dictionaries in Python

Python Fundamentals

  • If/Else statement in python

  • While loop in python

  • For loop in python

  • Destructing Syntax

  • Break and continue

  • Functions in Python

  • Arguments and parameters

  • Lambda functions in python

Python Files

  • Files in Python

  • Copying files

  • CSV files with Python

  • JSON files with python

  • Reading, writing, and accessing python files

  • Importing your own files in python

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