Course Content

  • Describe the role of the BIG-IP system as a full proxy device in an application delivery network

  • Provision of the Application Security Manager

  • Define a web application firewall

  • Describe how ASM protects a web application by securing file types, URLs, and parameters

  • Deploy ASM using the Rapid Deployment template (and other templates) and define the security checks included in each

  • Define learn, alarm, and block settings as they pertain to configuring ASM

  • Define attack signatures and explain why attack signature staging is important

  • Contrast positive and negative security policy implementation and explain the benefits of each

  • Configure security processing at the parameter level of a web application

  • Use an application template to protect a commercial web application

  • Deploy ASM using the Automatic Policy Builder

  • Tune a policy manually or allow automatic policy building

  • Integrate third-party application vulnerability scanner output into a security policy

  • Configure login enforcement and session tracking

  • Configure protection against brute force, web scraping, and Layer 7 Denial of service attacks

  • Implement iRules using specific ASM events and commands

  • Use Content Profiles to protect JSON and AJAX-based applications

  • Implement Bot Signatures

  • Implement Proactive Bot Defense


  • Provisioning ASM

  • Traffic processing with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

  • Web application concepts

  • Web application vulnerabilities

  • Security policy deployment

  • Security policy tuning

  • Attack signatures

  • Positive security building

  • Securing cookies and other headers

  • Reporting and logging

  • Policy Diff, merging, and exporting

  • Advanced parameter handling

  • Using application templates

  • Using Automatic Policy Builder

  • Integrating with web vulnerability scanners

  • Login enforcement

  • Brute force mitigation

  • Session tracking

  • Web scraping detection and mitigation

  • Geolocation Enforcement and IP Address Exceptions

  • Using Parent and Child policies

  • Layer 7 DoS protection

  • ASM and iRules

  • Using Content Profiles for AJAX and JSON applications

  • Advanced Bot Detection and Defense

  • Proactive Bot Defense

  • Simple Edit Mode for Attack Signatures

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